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Wooly MantiS

Debut EP, The Cosmic Venture, available now

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Based in southern Ontario, Wooly Mantis is a powerful progressive rock outfit spearheaded by a group of driven musicians.  Taking influence from legendary rock groups of the 60’s and 70’s, the band artfully adds textures of Jazz harmony to craft a unique sound which is at times delicate and heavy hitting.  Wooly Mantis is able to create a sonic landscape where rich storytelling comes to life.

Wooly Mantis’ debut project “The Cosmic Venture” is a collection of songs written by Guitarist/Vocalist Daniel Walton and Drummer/Vocalist Matthew Woodcroft that are designed to not only challenge the listener, but also create a space for imagination and emotion to flow effortlessly through them. With the addition of singer/songwriter Nik Hirst on electric piano and organ, and the ambient, effected guitar playing of David Joyner, the EP has an ethereal sound that will surely take the listener to far away places.


Over 2018/2019, band member David Joyner (who is of Cree decent) stepped away from the band to fundraise and build a music community in his home town of Chisasibi in Northern Quebec. Upon his return, and inspired by Gord Downie's "Secret Path", Wooly Mantis has shifted their focus to spreading awareness of Indigenous issues through their songwriting.


Through the last three years of evolving their sound, Wooly Mantis has grown a massive, dedicated fanbase. Wooly Mantis has performed across Ontario, at clubs and colleges with groups such as The Darcys, Crown Lands and The Lazys. Wherever Mantis plays, they leave audience wanting more of their electrifying music, and now, the wait for eager fans is finally over, with the debut of “The Cosmic Venture”.

Video by Brandon Dacosta

Past performances and tours

Active in the Ontario, Canada music scene since 2017, rock powerhouse Wooly Mantis has been featured in the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, Hamilton's Supercrawl and put on a supremely successful record release show in August 2019, selling out Hamilton's Mills Hardware. The band has also performed as opening act for bands such as The Darcys, Crown Lands, and My Son The Hurricane. and toured across Ontario.

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